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Dancing Fox
"The Life, Death and Spirit" 

Paul H. Davenport - Author
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Dancing Fox First People


If you are intuitively drawn to read the following narrative in its entirety you will not only learn of a fabled character who walked upon the grounds you are now treading, but you will afford yourself the opportunity to reach out to a greater realm.  A realm of infinite possibilities.  

Native Americans, often incorrectly called Indians, were known among themselves as the First People. The First People left little written history but rather passed on valued information and historical events with picturesque story telling.  Here then is a short essay of one tale you may find enchanting and filled with contemplative possibilities.


Dancing Fox was a mythological Native American of the great Iroquois Nation.  The Iroquois lived in a wide girth around the Great Lakes region encompassing North Central Ohio.  Most of Dancing Fox’s days were spent living and traveling very near the present location of our cabin.

As was their custom, each Native American was bequeathed a permanent name only after much deliberate observation by other tribal members.  The name they chose must be a connective symbol for that individual with either a perceived continuity in character, skills or as single dramatic life event.

As a small boy Dancing Fox was dutifully taught the customs and mores of his People.  He was taught lessons of necessity like game hunting, the stewardship of nature’s bounty, weapon making, ritualized dance and ceremonial events.  Growing older he would learn the ways of a tribal warrior and reverence for his Elders and all they too had learned from their forefathers.  And lastly as a fully mature young man, he would be taught things of the spiritual world and all the great wonders it beheld.

As a boy, Dancing Fox would quickly become bored when playing simple games of sport with others of his age.  He preferred to relentlessly refine all the lessons he had been taught, especially those of weapon making.  Soon he was crafting the finest of flint arrows, spear tips and knives anyone had ever witnessed. His hallmark was to always inscribe upon them an “x” surrounded by a circle.  It wouldn’t be until later in his life that he would discover the true meanings behind those simple inscriptions.

As he gained the sinewy strength and courage of a mature young man, he began to set off far and wide hunting for game, seeking contact and the knowledge of other far away tribes. He too was searching for the wisdom held fast by the Spirits of the land, sky and Mother Earth.  Many times Dancing Fox would be absent from the encampment he called home for weeks at a time.  Eventually his brethren no longer became concerned with his extended pilgrimages. They understood his deep need to foray about the distant forests, plains and rivers within this vast and rich watershed basin.  With each subsequent return Dancing Fox would share all his new discoveries.  To his kinsmen it became clearly evident this young Human was different from all the others.  They knew Dancing Fox was destined for far more extraordinary experiences.
Part of the new knowledge and skills he brought back were the dances and songs of other long-distant First People.  When ceremonial dances were held at his village he would demonstrate with his own new found voracious vocal chants to help beckon the Spirits.  His chanting and songs were further enhanced with his elaborately energetic dancing around the village campfires. Long into the night, Dancing Fox would continue until all other dancers had retired and even the fire’s embers had grown cold. This was noted by his tribesmen who were now prepared to name him. This grown man of cunning hunting skills and unbridled dance was named “Dancing Fox”.

Dancing Fox would continue sharpening his vast hunting knowledge.  Legends say it eventually became so refined he could hear the breathing of his quarry, smell them at great distances and could even sense their emotions.  Others say he would levitate his moccasin-shorn feet above the leaf litter thus enabling him to tread in utter silence and also leaving no footprints for others to follow.  So unrivaled were his hunting skills he alone would provide huge quantities of game animals and fur pelts as sustenance for his beloved People.  Dancing Fox was also able to forewarn his People of impending droughts or blizzards as he had become acutely adept at reading cloud formations, animal movements, the changing winds and other harbingers of weather.

Most First People throughout the Great Lakes region knew him only as a great warrior and hunter. His cunning mind, physical endurance and peerless honor were the characteristics they knew best.  However, for those who knew him intimately there was another incredible side to this humble man.  Of all the knowledge his Elders had bestowed upon him he was most innately drawn to the lessons of Spirit ohio indian trail mapTeachings.  Dancing Fox had felt for a long time his destiny laid not as a mere great hunter, provider and warrior but more so he was inexplicitly driven to the Spirits of Mother Earth.  These included the animals, trees, rocks, water and other natural things She provided.  The story continues that one day while hunting game he had drawn his steady-handed bead upon a white-tail deer.  Just before he was about to unleash his deadly accurate arrow, he heard a murmuring voice from within the depths of his mind.  It whispered, “Listen”.  Startled by this new sensation he hesitated to be sure of what he had just experienced.  Again he heard the whispering of a voice in his mind say, “Listen.  I have something to teach you”.  He relaxed the grip on his bow and intensely concentrated on this phenomenal sensation.  In that instant he instinctively understood where the voice had originated.  It had emanated not from his own mind but rather from deep within the deer’s Spirit.  Dancing Fox had just encountered his first and far reaching breadth of Nature’s 

Spirits through what the First People called a vision. That singularly profound event was to alter the rest of his natural life.  From that day forward he would stretch his Soul’s wings to their fullest extent.  His new life-long quest was to become One with Everything.  Dancing Fox eagerly awaited each new Vision and the meanings which they vividly divulged.  They had become the most dominate force in his life.  From these Visions he could see back in time including the People who had long since passed.  He could also see the future and portents of all things to come.  Dancing Fox could see his future unfolding before his minds-eye including…his own demise.  This unparalleled wisdom gave him a serenity and overall peace he had never felt before.  Now, at last, he also understood the true meaning behind the “x” and the circle he had always inscribed upon his handmade flint weapons.  The “x” stood for the “here and now” and the circle for the all-encompassing Spirit World.  His own circle was growing more complete.  His circle of life.

The years passed as true and swift as the flight of a Red-tail hawk. Time was now taking its eroding toll upon the Human known as Dancing Fox.  It ebbed away his former physical prowess and energy but never diminished his deeply seated will to learn.  His new physical limitations and the challenges they presented would not deter him from treading deeper and ever deeper into the unknown wilderness.  Here he knew, he would find his final destiny.  The destiny which had been so vividly and compellingly displayed through the Visions of animals, clouds and his deceased forefathers.

After many long months had elapsed since old Dancing Fox’s last departure his villagers came to the undeniable conclusion that, this time, Dancing Fox would not ever return.  A great upwelling of grief stricken sorrow engulfed the encampment where he had lived for so many, many years.  Word of his passing quickly spread to neighboring villages with the same mournful and tearful results.  To all it was unimaginable to comprehend that Dancing Fox was at last gone… forever.  He was gone from everyone who had ever known him.  He was gone from anyone who had ever loved him.  He was gone from all those who he too had taught so much.  He was gone from his beloved hillocks, valleys and plains of Mother Earth.  He had gone to where no living Soul could travel.  Gone to another time and place where all Souls eventually reside.

As his tribesmen began to understand he was now in the home of the Great Spirit, their sorrowful outcries slowly abated.  They solemnly accepted he was where he was meant to rest forever.  Now their sadness began to evolve into a soft but joyous chorus.  A chorus composed of everlasting love and hope.  Their voices burgeoned louder yet into a thunderous signing of praise, joy and atonements for this revered Soul.  

The triumphant chanting could be heard ringing across the wide open plains, echoing across the river valleys and swelling throughout the timbered lands.  Now too, all the animals of the Kingdom chimed in the melodic cadence to Dancing Fox’s Spirit.  The clamorous outpourings of heart-felt affection were noted by the Spirits of the trees, lakes, rocks and wind.  Never in their timeless history had they heard such a multitude of voices directed for one Human Being.  It was then the Spirits unanimously decided to give Dancing Fox back to the Living.  Back to the Living but not in his original human form.  He would now again come and go freely wherever he desired as the once living Dancing Fox had.  Now, however, he would travel as a wispy image, a passing scent, a vestige of his voice or in other Spirit World manifestations. 

With his life, death and subsequent re-birth Dancing Fox had fulfilled his ultimate destiny by becoming, in a sense, immortal.  He too would now live on in songs, myths, legends and story-telling.  His Spirit is still available today for anyone who sincerely beckons him with a pure heart and open mind.

Now you have read the entire story of the mythological Dancing Fox.  The story is now yours to keep for yourself, re-tell to others and to contemplate all the possibilities.  

The unlimited choices are yours to decide.  Remember though, “Without limits… you too may find the realm of infinite possibilities.”

Personal note: 

We will vouch for the very real possibility of Dancing Fox’s influence upon this property.  His sobering presence on our plot has stirred more than one Vision and drawn us to uncover a “discovery” yet unearthed within these grounds.  Others too have claimed a sense of harmony and well-being while being here.  It may be in the form of a nearly audible voice whispering through the Pines or fading remnants of moccasin-like tracks in fresh-fallen snow or a subtle aroma from the campfire’s smoke or as a tender breeze-like graze across your back.  Because of these experiences and more…we have named this cabin in tribute to his Spirit.


Now…if you sit quietly and allow your mind and Spirit to silently drift to an idyllic place and cast your focus upon the person, life and meaning of “Dancing Fox” … you too may be fortunate to be “touched” by his presence. 


         He is here….waiting for you.




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